05 November 2009

RSL wins Semi-Finals against Columbus


Remember, remember the fifth of November... Hell ya! RSL kicked Columbus Crew's trash on the 5th of November. But speaking of trash, I also won the raffle for the RSL garbage can at the watch party. Leave it to me to win something silly when I never win anything via raffles or contests.

Nevermind the garbage can... RSL won!!!

RSL has had a rough season of soccer. They started off strong in the spring but the revolving door of players leaving and coming back from various national and all-star teams kept the players constantly having to work with new line ups. This seemed to be okay until August when all leading players like Kyle Beckerman, Javier Morales, and Will Johnson returned and again the players played a little switcher-roo. The last few games leading up to the playoffs seemed to be all going wrong for the RSL guys but they pulled it together for the last game scoring 3 (or was it 4) points. The remaining playoff slots ensued and the other teams in the running didn't seem up for playoff glory.

Winning their chance at the MLS cup, RSL has proven they know their game. They had a great first semi-final game at the Rio Tinto stadium with a 1-0 lead. And starting their match in Ohio, they seemed up for the challenge Columbus was providing. In the end, the yellow and black wearin' Crew didn't have a chance. The Columbus team took two early goals in the first half but RSL dominated the rest of the game with Morales tying the aggregate score before the end of the first 45 minutes.

Throughout the game, RSL midfielders were aggressive and didn't flinch while stealing the ball from Columbus. The defensive lineup was on - especially Olave and his almost American football-like tackling around the net.

In the second half RSL kept up with a strong defense and stellar shots-on-goal by forwards, Findley and Espindola. With 30 minutes left, Esindola was out and Denmark-bound, Movsisyan came on to the field. Findley and Williams pushed RSL ahead in the second half each scoring against the Crew leaving the aggregate score 4-2.

Now RSL will just have to keep up the momentum for their next challenger, New England or Chicago, to bring home the 2009 MLS Cup.