11 January 2010

School: The Last Semester

"A Thrilling Ride"
BS Magazine

"The story will keep you on the edge of your seat!"
The Chair Union

"The lack of sleep involved is evident in the incoherent ramblings by the lead actress."
Serta Weekly

I'm excited for the incoherent ramblings of a sleep deprived student. It just means I'm almost done. This semester - my last in Bachelorette world - will be a triumph. The expensive text books that are never read, the endless papers that get haphazardly written, and the strange work schedule to accommodate the ridiculous class times are almost at an end.

I feel like doing a happy dance...

...just not like that guy.

09 January 2010

An Artsy Sundance Morning

The day started out early meeting Cindi and Jen-knee at Trolley Square to snag some tickets for the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. We had an eleven o'clock time and planned to get there early per our Sundance ticket coaches, Jen and Jon. We arrived and immediately Jen-knee and Cindi planned out our movie experience with preferred times and dates of movies showing later on this month. Jen and Jon arrived (with donuts - it was AWESOME!) and Jon instructed the sugared up Jen-knee on checking the posted available movies. Jen-knee would check the times and Cindi would update the list. After waiting for 10:30 (the time to get in line), I jumped in line with Cindi. We got through the line and finally made it up to a cashier to purchase tickets. I stood behind Cindi as she read off the list of movies and their codes. I soon became fascinated with the two women and their supposed "coach" to the whole Sundance ticket experience. The two women were holding the Sundance movie guide reading the schedule and then sifting to see if they wanted to see the movie. Clearly they were amateurs with a terrible coach on the whole process (Jon is superior). Needless to say... I am attending 5 flicks at this year's Sundance Film Fest and I'm excited.

01 January 2010

What I Want to Do in 2010

Is it me or was last year exhausting? I'm not one for resolutions. I'm always saying I should lose a couple of pounds, save money, be a better person... why do I need to make some sort of commitment at the first of the year? Resolutions are meant to be broken... they don't last.

But this year... I've challenged myself to a few goals.

I've made a pact of sorts with Jen and Cindi. We are going to watch AFI's top 100 films (along with the extras in the 2008 update of this list). My only issue is that many of these films I have not seen for a reason - they don't interest me in the slightest. But I am up for the challenge. The only film I refuse to watch again is "Clockwork Orange". That movie is a trippy mid-century version of the future complete with a graphic rape scene - no thank you.

Finish school. This one should be easy since I'm scheduled to finish at the end of the Spring 2010 semester with my B.S. in Communication Technology. B.S. is right... but at least I'll be finished.

Be able to walk up the three flights of stairs at my work without feeling winded. This will be the exercise challenge of the year.

Remodel the kitchen.

Befriend someone new.

Write a story.

Go on vacation.

Try something new.

Learn a new skill.

Attend a new artistic performance or exhibit.

Read a classic.

Work on my crappy high school French.

Become a ghost hunter.