25 December 2008

A Very Chubby Puppy Christmas

Christmas has been fun this year although I still don't really think it feels like the holidays. Right now I'm cooped up in my house due to the icky white stuff falling from the sky. Last night was spent at my aunt's house with my parents, cousins and their kids. My favorite of the evening was my second cousin Brittney's son shrieking over getting a present. When he heard his name Daimen, he squealed and said, "Maimen, it's for maimen!" Watching his reaction was the best of the night after we enjoyed my aunt's nacho cheesy dip, ham, a jello salad, and of course dill dip with a relish tray. For christmas we always have a buffet of food, no formal sit down dinner.

Christmas morning was fun. Holding to tradition, I slept in and my parents woke up before I did. (Hey, it's my day off.) The 'rents gave me a stereo that plays CDs, radio, USB, and MP3 (AKA my iPod). I've already tested it out with "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by the Darkness on my iPod, my new Linkin Park CD (thanks Dani), and set my favorite stations (although most were playing Christmas music). The best Christmas was had by my fat puppy. Ellie attacked the wrapping paper and shredded it to bits after the presents were opened. Then she got her giant BoBo (the long fuzz-filled loofa dog chew toy from the PetsMart commercials) and began to de-fluff it.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!

23 December 2008


So I am COMPLETELY surprised... I got an A in my Communication Research class. This was the STATs class that I was just hoping for a C. I'm just so excited!

I still have to wait for my English - Pop Culture grade but I'm not worried because my Buffy Newspaper was the sniznit. I just want to jump up and down on the couch cuz I actually passed!!! YAY!

21 December 2008

Red vs. Green

Surfin' YouTube I found this funny video. It's about as Christmas-y as I get so enjoy. Let me know what you think.

18 December 2008

Emo, Screamo and Innerpartysystem

I was really excited to go the Innerpartysystem concert on Tuesday night. Finals were FINALLY over and I was going through live music withdrawals. The show was at The Avalon - the small theater that was converted into a concert venue - during a frosty blizzard where temperatures reached a whopping 20 degrees. Jen, Jane, Megan and I ventured out into the arctic air. We arrived relatively on time after an awesome Crown Burger meal. Once in the venue we found that the owners were opposed to using the heater. Luckily we all wore our coats as - at the most - 75 people were in attendance and the Avalon never reached what I would call warm.

After adjusting to our frigid surroundings we enjoyed (okay, more like were tortured with) five opening bands. The synopsis of the barrage of terribleness that assaulted my hearing before ISP took the stage is there was emo, screamo, a band with an iPod drummer. Then there was two that I could have been okay with IF there hadn't been the other five opening bands. Who has five openers?

Emo was playing when we arrived. The female lead singer with no personality tried to be mysterious by saying dumb stuff like "I wrote this song about a black hole" between songs. After was Screamo, a local band that was full of 19-year-old boys with an attention complex. The guitarist insisted on being the most annoying person during everyone else's sets as he and the rest of the skinny jean-wearin' bandmates tried to mack on the underage chicks swarming their merch booth.

The next band was pretty good but their somber, ballads were eternal - as in they lasted for-ev-er. The only song that really stood out was a cover of an 80s or early 90s song I cannot place. Ballad band was followed by two guys and an iPod. They cam on stage and announced that they didn't have a drummer (or a bass guitarist). They literally hooked up their iPod with the beats and began to play. Sadly, they were better than emo and screamo who had members to spare onstage. After witnessing their performance I had a theory that the lead singer's onstage arm swinging killed the drummer and bassist.

After drumless, Neon Trees hit the stage. Their performance was unusually entertaining to say the least. The lead singer was wearing a top heat, shiny copper vest over a black shirt, red & black stripped stretchy pants and a sparkly gold scarf. They were actually decent and knew how to perform for a crowd.

Several hours later Innerpartysystem took the stage and were well worth it. They have an energetic brand of industrial rock and it was accompanied by a stellar light show that transformed The Avalon into a completely different place. The opening song wasn't the strongest of the set but they did give a great live show. The only song I really knew was their first single, "Don't Stop" but the show was great.

Innerpartysystem "Don't Stop"

15 December 2008

MINI vs. the box

On my way to my last day of class I encountered what seemed like an small, insignificant box. This box was made of cardboard and looked like it had once encased a clock. It was about 2 ft x 2 ft x 2 in. As I drove up 400 South in downtown SLC, the box flew into my lane and I couldn't swerve unless I wanted to hit the TRAX train or another car so I chose to drive over it. At this point the box became wedged under my car due to the MINI's limited space between the road and the undercarriage. Driving faster, slower, changing lanes all in the effort to free this stupid box did not work, it was holding on for dear life. When I reached the next light I idled near a TRAX stop and prayed that those waiting for the mass transit train would not see or hear the box trapped under my car.

After several lights I pulled into a neighborhood and parked. With my car running I tried to pull the box out without any luck. I grabbed my long snow scraper and began to poke the box, push the box and even curse at the box. The stupid thing WOULD NOT MOVE!! As I worked to pry the box apart while still under my car, I hoped that no one would see. Unfortunately the #$%@ thing still wouldn't budge even after pulling apart the glued corners and sides.

I gave up not wanted to be late to my final and got back into the car. I pulled out of the angled parking and turned the wheels to spin around and go toward the U when the - now mangled box - loosened it's death grip. I whipped around and as I went back toward the busy 400 S. I noticed a guy sitting on the hood of his car facing mine. It seemed like he had been there the entire time watching me attempt to get the box loose. UGGH!

From the last MINI versus incident I've got a small shovel for when I get stuck in the snow, now I think I need a box cutter for the tiny possibility that I run over another 2 inch tall box.

14 December 2008

"Just" a little somethin'

So I am a huge fan of video. I love TV, film, web videos, and music videos. Some of my favorite music videos broke the mold and are definitely underestimated. I've picked one of my favorites "Just" by Radiohead. Enjoy!

07 December 2008

Hey Sucka!

One of the easiest forms of sugar to make is the sucker. It does take a few dollars up front to start but then you just have to purchase lots of sugar and corn syrup. For anyone interested in making your own suckers here's the how-to:

The Supplies:

I like to use the metal sucker molds because they are easier to get the suckers out, easy to clean, and last for-EVER. Make sure that you get hard candy molds not the ones used for chocolate candies. The molds can be found at baking supply stores and sometimes at craft stores. You just have to look. The molds should also come with the clips to hold them together while you pour the suckers. Extras are nice because these are small and could go missing. 

Another necessity is a candy thermometer that goes to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Some easier to find supplies are the sucker sticks (~3" long). Paper ones work best because they won't melt and can be found at craft stores in the candy aisle. While your at the craft store pick up some treat bags (size 3 x 4")

Next you need to ensure you have a surface to pour the suckers. The cheap way is a cookie sheet covered with aluminum foil. The nicer way is a marble cooking slab but that's for the obsessive suckers makers (they can be used for other things).

The Ingredients: 

(to make one batch of suckers - about 25 suckers)

2 cups Sugar
1 cup Water
2/3 cup White Corn Syrup (like Karo Syrup)
Food Coloring (liquid or paste)
1 tsp Flavoring (grape, cinnamon, licorice, watermelon, and my fav -cloves)

What to do:

Set up the cooking surface (cookie sheet covered in aluminum foil or marble slab). Put together about 30 sucker molds and place them in rows on the surface. Spray the surface and the molds thoroughly with PAM (or other cooking spray). Combine water, sugar and corn syrup in pot on stove. Turn stove on High. Place candy thermometer into sucker mixture without letting the thermometer sit on the bottom of the pot (this will give an inaccurate temperature reading). When mixture reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit IMMEDIATELY remove mixture from hot stove burner. Quickly stir in coloring and then flavoring. Pour the liquid mixture into the molds making sure to cover the sucker sticks. Once the mix is in the molds it only takes a few minutes to set up and harden. When the suckers are hardened, pull the clip off the mold and this should release the sucker. Slowly releasing the mold will help the sucker to not break. After the sucker is free of the mold, place it in the treat bag and tie off with yarn or string. 

06 December 2008

Hangin' with the Breaux's

Friday was an interesting night. My friend Nick turned the rip old age of 22. Yes, 22. I met him and the rest of the breaux's (two brought their girlfriends) at All-Star Bowling. Breaux is Nick's band and is pronounced Bro. We had planned on playing a couple of games but the alley was packed and it was a two hour wait. 

Plan B

We (Nick, Jeren, Tyler, Nick's girlfriend -Amanda, Greg - Nick's lead guitarist, Greg's girlfriend, Kyle and I) drove to Nickel-mania (ghetto version of Nickelcade) and dropped about $5.oo ($2.50 of that was the entrance fee). Jeren, Kyle, Tyler and I all tore up a mean game of The Simpsons. We each were a character (I was Homer) as we battled Moe, Zombies, and other bad guys to free Maggie from Smithers. We kept throwing in the nickels to get to the end of the game where we took out Smithers and then had to fight the evil Mr. Burns who was in something that some-what resembled a Sci-fi Pope-mobile. We four brilliant arcade players ventured out on our own. Nick went for the Star Wars game while Jeren and Tyler became hitmen. I - on the other hand - drove a porsche, killed the undead who were trying to escape a mental hospital, skied down what looked like grass, and then terminated some terminators. And I still have nickels...

Next the night took us to The Training Table. I ordered the Grilled Cheese on Sourdough and we just sat back and laughed at stories from the adventures of Jeren, Kyle and Nick. When I finished eating 2 of the 3 slices of my sandwich I just let my food digest. I then offered my last slice to Nick. The boy is like a vulture. He will scarf his meal down in seconds then just wait for you to be finished. Then he will proceed to dive into your leftovers. 

After food, Nick wanted to go to his favorite sports bar & grill The Huddle. The name should be the hovel. Its this small space next to a grocery store. Nick, Jeren, Tyler, Kyle, Kyle (2) and I sat around and talked while the boys enjoyed their beverages. The Jazz game was up and Nick was happy until two pool players commandeered the juke box and began to play all hair metal. There was also this questionable drunk dude invading the space of several patrons. The fear of him joining our table if he saw us staring was not as bad as the desire to watch his crazy antics. 

03 December 2008

Finals! - will they ever end?

So I don't really feel like I know if I will pass my STATs class. My instructor has not given out midterm grades or even graded all assignments. It's REALLY frustrating. But what I do know is that there are three more classes until the end of the semester. YAY! Final projects are being completed, group presentations are being given and tests are being taken and then... the insanity will end.

I will miss my Pop Culture class, the people in my group in the annoying STATs class, and... well that's about it. In honor of finals, I've posted my favorite video regarding the ultimate final. Hopefully those who've survived finals in the past and those trying to survive their own finals (T!) will find it to be a little reprieve in this trying time.