20 April 2009

something shiny

I don't know if you can relate but every time I go to write this stupid paper I want to do ANYTHING else.

I want to facebook, blog, clean my room, do my laundry (which really needs to be done), walk the dog, talk to my parents, be at work, waste time on YouTube, exercise (that's desperate), clean my parents kitchen, shampoo the carpets, clean my car, sleep, watch Weeds, go see a random late night movie by myself, run to Sonic for an Chocolate cream pie shake, work on my #$%& website, edit some films, end world hunger... basically do anything but eloquently record my opinion on the Starbucks v. Dwyer First Amendment case from 2000 in the standard MLA format for my Mass Comm Law class.

Okay, I've ranted now I'm going back to my paper.

13 April 2009

Summer Movies...

As the end is near for this semester I cannot wait until its over because it also means that some great flicks will be on the big screen.

Which movie are you excited for?

04 April 2009

My Future Wedding Cake Topper...

So I've been single for 27... almost 28... years. And this last romp in Vegas Jen, Cindi and I found the perfect cake topper in case I ever do find Mr. Right. This very classy topper was nestled in the window display at the Paris casino on The Strip.