04 September 2010

Addicted to 30STM

My favorite band is 30 Seconds to Mars. I've bounced around for years liking different groups but I would say that I've really obsessed and loved going to see 30STM live. They never disappoint and always put on a great show. For their last tour promoting "Into the Wild," I took along some friends and enjoyed a mixture of old and new tunes. Recently I discovered this clip from the band on YouTube showcasing some of the best moments of the tour and SLC made the cut.

01 September 2010

'Rubin and Ed' director invents the next cult wheel

Local filmmaker, Trent Harris, directed the 1991 cult classic "Rubin and Ed" starring Crispin Glover and some other folks. He's continually working on new projects - and when I say working, I mean, directing, writing, editing, producing music, etc. His latest effort is entitled "Last Night at Sweetie Poops". I'm not exactly sure what it's about but it the title includes the word poop.

When I donated some $$, I received a personal thanks on my Facebook account from Harris himself and I thought that was pretty cool. So if you like indie flicks, check out his kickstarter page for a little glimpse of the next great cult film.