28 July 2010

Better than Asprin

One 8 oz cup of water

Two ibuprofen

One medium-sized popcorn

One medium-sized Vault soda

one 2-hour massage in the D-Box seats at The District Megaplex theater while watching "Inception"

...equals a really interesting way to get rid of a headache.

17 July 2010

the 6'7" guy vs. the MINI-bot

It's been awhile since I've posted about the adventures of the MINI-bot.

The first was when the MINI-bot ventured out into 6'' of snow and didn't fare too well. The second was when it ran over a low box and dragged it for a few blocks on the way to the UofU before I had to pull it out using a snow scrapper and a lot of expletives.

The third installment in the MINI-bot adventure series happened during the van Uitert family reunion in Woods Cross, Utah. If you're wondering, van Uitert is a Dutch surname which has descended from the Nederland royalty... okay, not royalty... but that would be cool, right? The name pronunciation is under debate (even with the van Uiterts) and our part of the family pronounces it...

The 'other' van Uitert's have taken up the Dutch pronunciation which is

Say it however you'd like to say it. Let's just say that the van EWE-tert's have a sense of humor about the whole thing and the 'others' are a little more... I'll just stop there.

Anyway, the van Uitert clan came together ate some food, talked and took some pics (because we were all there for once).

After the friendly chit-chat, the jabbing started which included some remarks about how my 6'7" cousin, Kevin, owned a MINI cooper and had to sit in the backseat to drive it with his head out the sunroof. This funny discussion led us to the MINI-bot.

Kevin's MINI was in the shop and so the MINI-bot became the stand-in for Kevin's MINI as he proved to Scott that he could in fact sit in the car and drive like the average joe.

So the moral of the story (or blog) is that tall people really can own and drive a MINI cooper.

10 July 2010

Gift shop shirts: The Moab Edition

These shirts were the best of the gift shop shirts that Cindi, Dani and I found while wandering around Moab's main street. Which one is your favorite?

04 July 2010

I want my FUSE TV

The only reason I wanted to get the package that was a little more pricey with my DISH Network satellite TV was because it included AMC and FUSE.

AMC fortunately is still available. My ability to watch Mad Men when it returns later this month is not impaired. Unfortunately, my ability to watch my favorite music channel, FUSE, is no longer available. In fact, my ability to watch any music channel is impaired because MTV long ago decided that being Music Television was not as lucrative as being the hub of crappy reality TV.

For those who are out of the loop, satellite provider - DISH Network - apparently decided to remove FUSE from it's channel line up and as of July 1st I've been without one of my favorite channel surfing stops. Instead DISH has inserted PLDIA - a channel that plays lame MTV, CMA and other music channel cast off programming. I mean, if I wanted the CMT Awards reruns I would've watched it on CMT when it aired the first time. If I wanted to watch the 2008 broadcast of the Isle Festival, I would go to a therapist because nobody wants to see that.

I want my FUSE TV!!!

I guess I'm just not understanding the reason behind the switch. I mean, there was no competition. MTV, MTV2 and VH1 have long forgotten that they were channels founded on the premise that viewers could catch a video or performance from their favorite groups of all music genres. MTV began to only show lame reality TV shows and music lovers rebelled wanting to see MUSIC. In an attempt to appease the music viewing masses, Viacom added a second music channel MTV2 to play music videos and other music-based programing. This lasted for a few years and then MTV2 also lost its way and began the downward spiral into reality TV land with the occasional after midnight showing of an hour or two of music videos. VH1 caters to an older more mild rock music lover and CMA caters to the country music fan - they were not threatened by FUSE as the demographic was different.

Boo to you DISH Network. Your inability to give me what I want makes me want to change back to DirecTV or cable. And maybe I will...

If you also find this irritating, go to I WANT MY FUSE TV and email DISH to get the best music channel back.