29 December 2010

My mission for 2011... if I should choose it

Resolution #1: Uggg - will obviously lose 20 lbs. #2: Always put last night's panties in the laundry basket. Equally important: will find nice sensible boyfriend and stop forming romantic attachments to any of the following: alcoholics, workaholics, sexaholics, commitment-phobics, peeping toms, megalomaniacs, emotional f***wits, or perverts. Will especially stop fantasizing about a particular person who embodies all these things.

Inspired by Bridget Jones, I'm going to work on me this year and rant about it.

I'm not calling them resolutions. I'm calling it my mission... I really don't have a reason why other than it sounds more fun and exciting. I'm now Evelyn Salt Lake on a mission to acquire my targets during the year 2011.

Target #1 - Run a mile
Running three times a week and strength training the other days will hopefully help me lose 30 lbs. and ditch the ever-emerging muffin top that is creeping over my pants. This will also help me actually run - instead of jog and hobble - the zombie 5K in October (and maybe some others).

Target #2 - Travel
My hope is to go to NYC for my b-day but if that doesn't happen I want to go somewhere out of state on a pressurized airplane (not a dumb, nausea-inducing two-seater that goes to St. George and back). Anyone want to go to NYC the first week of April?

Target #3 - Money
Become fiscally responsible. This sounds easy... but can be a real be-otch. Pay off credit card, pay off loan... save for a house.

Target #4 - Chef
Learn to cook 6 new meals. I actually don't hate cooking... I hate not having time to cook. I'm finding that I have a lot of free time and I figure I can learn to make some stuff. My big task is a full turkey dinner. I wonder, do they come without the guts?

Target #5 - World Geography
After hearing that a celebrity was from country of Turkey, the only thing that I thought of was that my cousin's husband was stationed there in the military for a while and did turkeys come from Turkey (brilliant, I know). This sparked my desire to learn about the countries around the world. I want to learn about at least 75 of them this. (Maybe I'll keep this target for a couple of years).

Target #6 - Get Prepared
I believe that building up a food storage and other provisions in the event of a disaster is important. A friend of mine survived the hurricanes and we talked about how she had to make due with her family in an apartment for two weeks without power, credit cards, and grocery stores. I was reminded of this one as I sat reading by small LED flashlight and scented candle light (thanks to those who gave me the candles for gifts... they really came in handy). It was only a couple of hours but what if?

21 December 2010

Stacie vs. the liquid eyeliner

While purchasing some replacement eyeshadows at my favorite make-up kiosk, MAC, I decided to try


This daring trial period was sparked by MACs very easy looking eyeliner stick.

It looks just like a fancy pen... easy, right?


My first attempt just looked like I took a Sharpie to my top lid. I didn't even get close to the lash line. It was a big disaster that ended with me, a Q-tip, and some Mary Kay eye make up remover spending time together. Luckily, I had tested out my new fangled product at night right before bed.

Yay! Wash my face and forget this ever happened.

The next attempt wasn't much different. I was able to get it closer to the lash line, but then I accidently smeared it in the corner of one eye. Getting better - sort of.

This latest attempt wasn't too bad. If I smudge the eyeliner, it looks like I meant to do it that way. Progress, right?

My goal in 2011... to be able to apply a straight line of liquid eyeliner.

Stay tuned...