12 April 2010

Ms. Beckerman 'Dreams Big'

It's official Kyle Beckerman knows that I want to marry him.

I promise I'm not dillusional... or have any inkling that I will actually wed the captain of Real Salt Lake soccer team.

Like many, I occasionally make statements about my celebrity crushes. And in this case, I mentioned that I really think Beckerman is cute to many female (and some male) co-workers. He is the Becks of Utah and far cuter that that "other one".

This weekend one co-worker, Steph, was at her second job (a clothing store) working and came upon Beckerman and his parents shopping. She immediately said that her friend really liked him and wanted to marry him. Yep, she did. Anyway he ended up signing a post-it for me that Steph brought in as a belated b-day present. Thanks Steph!

After turning a little red from embarassment as she relayed the crazy story to me, I laughed and excepted my fabulous sticky note... which is now hanging in my cubical next to ticket Beckerman signed for me at the last season ticket holder mingle at Snowbird.

Well, don't 'Save the Date' but instead have a giggle... especially when you read what Kyle Beckerman wrote on my prized post it. Oh, well... a girl can dream.

(Note says "Stacie- Dream Big KB#5)