25 August 2010

Go Galaxy... ya, whatever

After a late-night flick, I returned to an interesting message on the back window of my car.

I was a little annoyed - but not about the message. I was more annoyed that I had to clean my car. The whole incident can be likened to a child using sidewalk chalk to deface a despised neighbor's driveway or a republican moving a democratic political hopeful's campaign sign. It's a temper tantrum over losing to an opponent and I'm grateful that the Real Salt Lake fans i've met and bonded with are better than that!

17 August 2010

A sperm on a necklace

Random surfing ended with me at the Tiffany and Co. website browsing their line of silver jewelry in anticipation of my gift to me on birthday #30. During this perusal, I found the Elsa Peretti Eternal Circle charm on the end of a long silver chain.

Is it me or does it look like a sperm on a necklace?

05 August 2010

The guilty pleasure... at least one of them

With all the films coming into theaters this summer it feels like nothing has really jumped out and said "YES!! This is the sleeper hit."

Well, that is until I came across the trailer for "Easy A." This film stars some great actors and features "Zombieland" and "House Bunny" star Emma Stone as Olive.

Check out the trailer below:

These cheesy chick flicks are my guilty pleasure (along with the crappy dance movie genre... oh, and the action movies, too) and I've decided to just embrace it. Why fight something that makes you smile or laugh? Live is short... a cliche I know... but it is. I've made a decision that I'm going to embrace what I like and see all the crappy dance movies, overacted action films, and embrace my love of the chick flick. And I hope to see you at the movies.