27 June 2013

Why do I even care?

Do you ever feel like you just want to change everything about your life?

Maybe move to another country, quit your job, change your name and join witness protection. This is the week - or month or year or decade - I've been having and I'm really feeling antsy and angsty.

I'm also wondering why I even bothered to writing anything on this blog because I'm not famous so I'm pretty sure that no one ever reads it. It's almost like anyone now a days will only read something if it's 250-characters or less. Stupid Twitter. I don't understand that website or people who read tweets, discuss tweets, share tweets because they are 'so funny' WHO GIVES A CRAP!!!

Maybe when I got to Europe in September I'll meet some guy who just happens to be rich and sweet and single... He'll want to sweep me off my feet. Uggh! I girl can only dream - oh wait, I live in reality where men don't ask girls on dates, the guys I want to date have girlfriends or don't have the same morals. It's amazing how my list of qualities has diminished to not a criminal, employed, and someone I don't want to stab after two dates.

Life sucks... and then it kicks you in the girlie bits and makes you get up and go to work again.

Rant session over. I'm out!