20 December 2013

Everyone has an opinion: Health & Wellness

This year my company did a discount for our benefits program. Employees could sign up for a health & wellness program and assessment to get $45 off the monthly price. I signed up and did the assessment. 

For some strange reason, I actually passed. I'm not going to contradict the results. Because of this I just have to do something healthy each quarter. My goal is to pass again.

For those who didn't pass, they have to check in with a health coach  and make a goal to keep in 2014. They make progress on the goal and report in each month. Like I said my goal is to pass again.

In an effort to make better choices in food and other things, I started looking into things I could do. Dieting doesn't work on me. I start a diet and I immediately want everything I've denied myself. 

Exercising isn't my favorite but I want to make a new year's resolution to us the gym at work. I can bring in my Blu-Ray Battlestar Galatica and work out. I figure if I look at a bunch of rock hard abs... maybe I'll work hard to get some. Or at least work off some of my flubber. 

The thing I can't stand is that since this thing started at work everyone is an authority on what is healthy and what is not. I've heard it all. Drink a gallon of water a day. Each 'fresh.' Comments about every item I'm consuming from co-workers like this person has some authority. 

First, drinking a gallon of water is preference. Some people swear by it. I do not. I drink what has been listed on the medical sites like the mayo clinic. Nine glasses of water a day. Okay, I don't always reach that goal... but that's my goal to attempt. I also don't count the soda, juice or milk in that nine glasses. I can't imagine drinking a gallon. That's twice what I'm consuming now. There is a think called too much water. I'm sure some who are athletic or running need that much but if I drink too much my tummy gets all sloshy. It's not a good feeling. 

Second, 'fresh'... I don't know what that even means. Organic. Food the person likes vs. the 'unfresh' food the person dislikes. To me is an overused excuse. 

Third, I love when people comment about my food that I'm in the middle of eat to say how deep fried or sugary it is. That the food currently on my plate, that I purchased is what is causing all the health issues in the company. It's the reason Americans are so obese. Yes, I probably need to eat less like a college student and more like the 32-year-old I am but REALLY. Please keep your comments to yourself before I knock you off your soap box. UGGH!!

My goal is to drink more water. My goal is to also follow the food pyramid. I had a friend do a study in college where he compared results of the fad diets and the old fashioned food pyramid. He concluded with his group that the food pyramid was actually still relevant and a good thing to follow. So that's what I'm going to do. You can do whatever you want. I promise I won't comment about drinking your weight in water, discuss eating only fresh food, or comment about your lunch choices while standing by the register waiting to eat. 

May you have at least one cookie to brighten your day to enjoy in front of a crazy dieter.

Happy Eating.