21 October 2008

Going back to Cali, Cali, Cali

Okay so that song doesn't give a good impression but I couldn't think of anything else. Plus its LL Cool J. Anyway, I loved being out of the state of Utah for a week. I needed a break from school, work, and I was able to miss the first snow of the season. YAY!

10 Things I Loved about Cali

Missing the first snow of the season - need i say more.

Pandas - Two were sleepy and one was eating. My fav is the one in the tree, she didn't move the entire time.

T2 and Jurassic Park- two movies I loved and two attractions I was really excited about. T@ is my all time favorite movie and Jurassic park was just fun. Although the numerous times riding it I never got a good picture. I always look goofy when they take pics on rides.

Extra car insurance - With it parked across the street, Steve was able to see a white mini van hit the bumper of our rental car. We didn't worry due to Jen's insight on getting full coverage insurance. Also, note that Jen doesn't like to back up into a parking space. This led to the second dent in the bumper and a funny comment about the parking attendant. (more info ask Jen)

Sea otters, Shamu and Dolphins, oh my - I love sea animals. We went to Sea World and watched their dolphin and shamu shows. They were both fun (even though shamu's was kind political). I loved going to the Arctic area and we were able to see the Beluga Whales (Jen's fav) and the penguins... so cute. The sea otters were funny and playful looking but they were more interested in eating their shrimp. I also learned that bat rays are slimy and Jen has tasted a lot of the exotic fish they had in some of the tanks (via sushi). 

Wade the magic guy - It's Disney's year of a millon wishes or dreams. While waiting for Steve to get his name sewn into his Mickey ears hat, jen, cindi and I were approached by one of the elusive 'dream' people. Wade was funny AND he gave us a fast pass to any ride. we immediately went to the Haunted Mansion (my favorite ride since it was decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas decor).

The Beach

My skin needed a tan. While most of the sun I got was not at the beach our venture to Newport took us to the nice (and chilly) beach where we actually got Jen to go bare foot on sand and kinda go into the water. There were no sea lions... so this was a plus. Cindi really loved it. I think if we stayed the whole day she would have eventually been soaked instead she only went in up to her knees in the water.

We were wicked! - I liked the book (yes, I know that a lot of people don't like the book) but I thought that the Broadway musical was a good adaption. The funny story takes the audience through Oz through the eyes of Elpheba, the wicked witch of the west. The cast was incredible but I loved seeing Carol Kane on stage. She's hilarious!!!

Going to hell while at Disney & Being escorted off Splash Mountain - 

okay, okay... it was due to the ride malfunctioning. But it is funny to say that you've been escorted off a ride in the happiest place on Earth. as for the Hell part, if you've ever been on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride then you'll know there are demons, the devil and Hell... all in Fantasy Land at Disney. They truly have everything.

Last but not least....
Hanging out with 3 friends on vacation.

09 October 2008

Top 5 Scary Flicks

Halloween is my favorite holiday. You can dress up and be anyone you want. There's free candy. Scary movies are played on TV all the time. Legends and myths are told in graveyards. Haunted Houses open their doors. It's a great time. Did I mention that there are scary movies on all the time?

For those who like scary movies, and even you crazies who don't... here are my top 5 (at least right now).

1) The Ring

How creepy is a girl with long stringy black hair who kills you 7 days after watching a VHS tape. I don't what is more eerie, the girl or the fact that it is a VHS tape. My first encounter with this movie (at age 22) had me sleeping upstairs at my parents house WITH the light on. And I don't usually get scared by movies.

2) Saw

Usually gory flicks are not my favorite but this one is good! The lack of budget did not hinder this really engaging film that proves that the idea of something is often more frightening than actually seeing it. Cary Elwes (Westley in "The Princess Bride") is amazing in this flick as a doctor locked in a room with a dilemma. Saw his own leg off by 6 PM to save his family or stay there and die. This film, while kinda gruesome, is deemed one of the best due to the ingenious ending. Go low budget horror.

3) Candyman

This movie is just great. Legend and film come together. This film launched the uber-creepy Tony Todd's horror career with his portrayal of Candyman, an Urban Legend much like that of Bloody Mary. If you say his name 5 times in front of a mirror he'll come out and kill you. However, this movie was not a good choice for me at the age of 15. I decided (like a dumb teen) to watch it at 11 PM when my parents were not home.

4) Sleeping with the Enemy

While this isn't a horror film it's really a truly scary film. As a woman, the idea that you could fall in love, get married and then ten days or ten years later your husband could change and become this violently abusive man is just horrifying. I love this film because they have an awesome use of "Brown Eyed Girl" and I am a brown eyed girl so I love that song. Julia Roberts is great as the terrified - and yet determined to be strong - battered wife. Patrick... I don't remember his name... is just plain creepy. In the UK he's always portrayed the "good guy" but here in the US he's always the "Bad guy". As the abuse husband searching for a wife whom he believes is his property, the guy never blinks. NEVER. Just you watch. That is what makes him so intense and creepy.

5) Pulse

I know. Another Japanese horror flick remade by us Americans. But what can I say Japanese filmmakers have a knack for creeping me out. This film takes place at a college campus as a group of students accidently release the dead on an electronic frequency. Okay, I'm not doing it justice but it has Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Sarah Marshall) and Wes Bentley along with some really eerie ghosts.

04 October 2008

Shopping during a monsoon

So today Jen, Cindi and I braved the weather to finalize things for our trip to California next week. We set out and discovered the entire Salt Lake Area was in the middle of a monsoon. Huge drops of water pelted pedestrians as they walked or ran for shelter. Some things that I learned during this outing:

*don't even attempt a hairstyle in the morning it'll be flat in two minutes.
*wearing a hoodie is not wise as the water will soak through to make you soggy.
*go for higher ground - parking in lower parts of any parking lot can be tragic as lakes tend to form and they will engulf your car.
*avoid I-215 at all costs - the state of Utah needs to invest in drainage for their freeways.
*stay away from malls as the masses swarm until the weather clears up and/or the shops close.

While I am sure there are other suggestions for surviving a shopping spree in the middle of a rainstorm, I only listed those which I encountered. Next time I'm just going to curl up on the couch and watch a movie or nap. But for today, I survived it and blogged about it and now... I'm going to go and dry off.