26 January 2009


One of my BFFs is quite obsessed with the pasty white Brits that have taken over the big screen here in our little U.S. of A. (If you don't know who I'm referencing, it's okay... just blogstalk some of my friends.) What's funny is that I think that its contagious, I'm now obsessed with a pasty British guy.

Michael Sheen... at first look the guy isn't really that attractive (yes, I know this). But when you see the film "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" you'll understand my obsession. If you say, Underwha? then you need to jump out of the hole you're in and IMDB the "Underworld" trilogy. They are sci-fi, about vampires and lycans, and filled with great action sequences. 

In the first flick, Kate Beckinsale reigns as a leather-wearing Death Dealer who's part of the vampire clan. Her job is to rid the world (or Underworld) of Lycans (another name for werewolves). In her quest she discovers that hottie Scott Speedman has been turned into her mortal enemy by none other than the first lycan, Lucian (Sheen). There are battles and truths discovered about who Lucian really is and why the war between vamps and lycans began. "Underworld" reveals the truth and begins the end of the war - which is continued in "Underworld: Evolution." 

The new film released last week expands on the beginning of the war which is a prequel to the first two "Underworld" films. Focusing on Sheen's character Lucian you discover that there is a very Romeo and Juliet feel to the whole thing. There's nothing like forbidden love mixed with stellar fight sequences in the rain. In "Rise of the Lycans," Lucian (Sheen) shows passion for his beloved and will do anything for her including scaling a mountain for a secret rendezvous. 

I know I'm obsessed but what can I say? It's probably just the story in the film, the character of Lucian and all of that is messing with my hormones. But it just might be that this British fever is catching.

"Underworld: Rise of the Lycans"

21 January 2009


$354.74 for a package deal of Adobe programs (Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, In Design)

$125.25 for tickets to the Avenged Sevenfold and Buckcherry concert next Wednesday

$11.19 for a Chicken Caesar Pita, Chips and Salsa to go at Chili's

$110.00 for jewelry at a Lia Sophia party (not all for me)

Finding out I can charge $600 to my VISA card in less than 12 hours...


15 January 2009

And the Sleep Deprivation Begins

In the middle of the first week of school for the spring 2009 semester I realized that I really should just suck it up and finished soon. It's not because I hate school (okay I do sometimes) or that I want to move on from my current job, it's just because I'm am feeling too old to be working 8 hours a day Monday thru Friday, taking two classes early Monday and Wednesday mornings, and teaching 5-6 year olds in primary every other week while trying to have some semblance of a social life.

It's only week one and I'm tired. I don't think I'm as sleep deprived as my two co-workers with newborns that won't sleep but still, I feel that I have a valid rant here. Its just really hard to do all the responsible stuff (work, school, church, home chores) and the fun stuff (friends, media). I remember at 19-years-old I was able to work all day, hang out with friends until late then go swimming from midnight to 5 AM, and then get up for work at 9 AM to work another 8 hour shift.

Now when I think about not getting my full eight hours of sleep I want to just whine or cry. It's amazing how much getting old sucks. This is why people go through college from 18-22 - they have more stamina. Or maybe all that sleeping done during high school allows for the absence of it during college.

While I am ranting I do really like my classes so far. My Web Design class will be good cuz then I'll be able to spice up my blog and MySpace page. My instructor is a web designer and he's very laid back. Check out my progress by clicking here.

My other class will be hard but interesting, it's Mass Communication Law. The whole class is looking at the law that impacts communication like the First Amendment, Censorship, Copyright, Libel, etc. My instructor is a little certifiable but VERY engaging.

Anywho, I'll keep you posted on my website and the insanity of my mass comm law prof. If anything this semester will be anything but boring.

02 January 2009

Dirty Little Secret

After an entire day of pulling weird stuff out of my parents kitchen during an early spring cleaning marathon, I took a much needed break. My mom and I worked for over eight hours on those items that get shoved into weird spaces in cabinets, cupboards and closets. (We're still going... there are more closets with more stuff). For dinner my mom and I grabbed some food and went to watch a movie (the kitchen table is currently loaded with recipe books). We watched The House Bunny starring Anna Faris who is great at playing that clueless blond. One of the side characters is Colby, a goofy frat boy in love with one of the sorority girls. Colby is played by All-American Rejects singer Tyson Ritter. This connection got me to thinking about the band and their music. I really like the song and the video for Dirty Little Secret. It's funny and the video was ingenious. But what I didn't know - until Angie told me - was that there is an actual place people send postcards with their dirty little secrets. The postcards are then uploaded onto a blog called PostSecret for all the read. So while I'm de-junking my parents house you can enjoy reading some really intriguing secrets. I wonder if it's liberating to just write down your biggest fear, annoyance, secret, action, etc. and then let strangers read it?

Dirty Little Website

Dirty Little Video