31 May 2008

E-Center, Velour Presents 2 Awesome Bands

I’ve been convinced that I’m not cool if I don’t have a blog, so here it is. I think that if I had friends that went to jump off a cliff or drop some acid I just might do that too. Anyway, here’s my blog about The Cure and Tally Hall last week.

I’ve never not liked The Cure but I’ve never been an uberfan before. This concert changed that. I sat through Robert Smith’s two-hour set followed by three encores. The man is a genius. He is 49 and still play long sets with virtually no chit-chat. My favorite songs of the night were “Pictures of You” and “Friday I’m in Love” since those were the two songs that I really knew well. After experiencing The Cure I would go again… especially if the guitarist wore his four-inch heels on stage for the entire concert again.

Literally the next day I followed my friends to Provo, Utah of all places and witness another awesome display of musical talent.
As we arrived Carolina Liar was already playing on stage. Their brand of mellow, yet fun love songs caught my attention but their cute bassist caught my eye. With half of the band hailing from Stockholm and the other half from Los Angeles, it was interesting to purchase their CD and get the band to sign it. I felt a little like a 14-year-old girl when I said “Can you sign my CD?” But the band was really nice. The keyboardist wrote “Thanks Stacie” after several attempts to understand how to spell my name. (He really wanted to put a “y” somewhere in there). The lead singer also walked the CD over to the other band members for their autographs. When I returned to my four friends they all teased me like we were back in middle school. The teasing commenced when the lead singer saw me and stopped to chat. As he was telling me about some of the free stuff I could access with the CD, and my not-so-subtle friends were not only staring but leaning over hear what was going on.

After my brush with Carolina Liar I was ready for the headlining Tally Hall to appear. They immerged from the back wearing their color ties. This amazing Ann Arbor quintet to put on a great show which included all of their hits plus a cover and their witty banter with each other and fans, including Nate, the birdcall noise guy, and the girl who picked up something ‘moist’ from the stage.

It was a great, but busy weekend and I can't wait for another...

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Jen-Knee said...

Oh, you complain but now I think you're really cool for giving into the pressure and doing to blog thing.
And as for not being subtle when talking to the lead singer, you are lucky that I didn't try "Have you met Stacie?"....next time.