29 August 2008

Pop Culture, Chicken Wings, and Vin

I started my week out with a trip to the Wing Coop. It's a small chicken wing joint that serves wings and beer. It's on 4100 and Redwood. The wings go up to eleven. Now when I say eleven it's not dollars (or volume levels) that's the name of the hottest wing on the menu. Several of the guys at Jeren's birthday party tried the Eleven and immediately broke out into a sweat. But my fav with the Wing Coop is Nick going crazy on 20 wings ranging in hotness. He didn't go for the Eleven's but he sure got covered in sauce and started to sweat. It could've been the wings or the lack of AC I can't tell. After the wings we (the we that were over 21) went to a sports bar. I had to leave early so I could get my older self out of bed the next day for school.

The next day was an adventure. It took me 90 minutes to get to the U of U. RIDICULOUS!!! I was irritated about my commute but more so that I missed the first ten minutes of my first class, Pop Culture. That's right I'm taking an entire class from the English department in pop culture. This semester we are discussing Cult TV. So guess what my homework is... yep, it's to watch TV. Granted I have to find some of the shows (X-Files, Twin Peaks, Star Trek) on iTunes or on DVD because they've been off the air for a while but what a great assignment. It's something I already do anyway so what more could a girl want.

Well, I did want a little bit more. So i went and saw Babylon A.D. with Vin Diesel. He's just hot... H.O.T.T. And really awesome in Pitch Black.

The movie was good and weird and probably not for everyone. But director Mattheu Kassovitz (actor in Amelie and director of Gothika) did a good job of co-writing and directing a strange little futuristic tale. In Babylon AD, the rest of the world is post-apocalyptic and America is the Garden of Eden. The ending is weak but the visuals and the action make the film. Vin's character must smuggle this odd girl to New York and in true action film fashion there's some trouble. (And, yes, Thor there is a cheesy, sort-of romance as the girl and Vin get to know each other, but its Vin! what girl wouldn't swoon!). But more than the movie, I am EXCITED (or obsessed) about some of the new movies they showed trailers for... see below.

Fast and the Furious 4

Max Payne

Terminator Salvation


Tooele Brezoff Family said...

You can catch Twin Peaks re-runs on the Chill channel! I loved that show Kyle, doughnuts, coffee and birds oh dont forget the Log Lady!

Alienfloyd said...

I played and beat the MAx Payne Video Game a few years ago. One of the most chilling games I've ever played. Movie looks srangely similar

Jen-Knee said...

What a rough life you have to watch T.V. shows for your homework. But what I find funnier is that I'm sitting here with you while you watch them. hehehehe

BrittneyandDoug said...

Mmmmm wings, it makes me want to go to Wingers. So I never got to take such a cool class in college, I feel jipped (sp?)!

You should give the new 90210 a chance if you watched the old one, come on! Gossip Girl is still great!