18 November 2013

Electric Six and why you should see them live

A few years back I was introduced to a fun sextet band called Electric Six. They sing great hits like "Danger! High Voltage!" and "Down at McDonelzzz." But the goofiness of the songs and lyrics is not what brings back the rabid (often crazy) fans. No, it's the live show.

Lead singer, Dick Valentine, has a distinct stage persona. In fact, Mr. Valentine's real name is Tyler Spencer and I'm pretty sure that Dick Valentine is the name for the person he becomes on stage. His charisma and intriguing moves during the instrumental portions of the song make fans smile.

While at a show, one thing you should never go without is a little people watching. Why? Well, the people (the afore mentioned rabid fans) are an interesting brood.

Evidence #1 - Stompin' in Skinny jeans
The skinny-jeans wearin' girl looked about 14-years-old but the scene of the crime was Urban Lounge so she had to be at least 21. She started with a full mug of beer and as the beer disappeared the stomping increased. Skinny jeans kept going and - never to any beat I could hear... but it was entertaining.

Evidence #2 - Sunglasses
He wore his sunglasses at night... and never took them off. The awesomness of the band was just too bright for him to take in all at once.

Evidence #3 - Dancin Fool
The first Urban Lounge encounter was when a big drunk dude decided to slow dance with Jen to the E6's cover of INXS "Never Tear Us Apart" FABULOUSLY HILARIOUS!

Evidence #4 - Freeze!
The band one time decided that leaving and coming back for an encore was silly. Instead, they just all froze onstage as the packed room screamed and cheered and clapped for at least 5 minutes. They finally began to play a few other songs before departing.

Evidence #5 - The Cape
While witness history in the making, E6 played at Bar Deluxe. Dick Valentine strolled onto the stage and leaned against the stage's strange wooden beam that's right in the middle. He sang and moved to the tunes and wore a tiny cape (probably meant for kid). It said something on the back. He took off the first cape to reveal a second. Also, awesome...

Needless to say, the E6 experience never disappoints - even if the band doesn't go on stage until midnight.

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