18 November 2013

HANNA - Top 7

1. The Chemical Brothers. This techno-making musical group scored the flick to perfection. The tense moments were more tense, the creepy moments were more creepy, and the fight sequences flowed brilliantly.

2. Soarese Ronan. She annoyed me in "The Atonement" but captivated me as Hanna - a young girl who was trained to fight and survive by her father in the middle of an arctic woodland area.

3. Creepy guy. Wonderfully creepy played by Tom Hollander. He's so good at the crazies and the badies. He dons bleached blond locks and a pedophile/serial killer aura and is often more scary that the government suits.

4. British teen. Teens are generally annoying but somehow the Brits can pull of sounding like M.I.A. or some ditzy young girl and still make it sound cooler than any American teen. She has some witty lines "She's mine I found her" and many other gems.

5. Cate. Is there anything more classier than Cate. Even as a red head her poise and grace appear through the evil, relentless Marissa Veeglar.

6. Eric Bana. The Aussie is hot and also has a few tangles throughout.

7. Intriguing story line about a girl with special skills and mystery surrounding her origin. It keeps you guessing til the end and it's a refreshing tale of government plots gone arrary.

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