18 November 2013

Wake... as in funeral

Have you ever had a strange obsession or hobby?

Well, Carys Reitman (Bijou Phillips) has the ultimate choice of weird hobbies. She enjoys a hard jolt of emotion and finds that attending random funerals does the trick. And it was working until she meets Tyler (Ian Somerhalder) - AKA the man of her dreams - at a funeral only to find out that the dead girl in the box was his fiancee.

"Wake" is a witty and unique dark comedy from director Ellie Kanner who's experience comes mostly from television. Kanner took a typical 'girl meets boy at funeral and pretends to know his dead fiance' story and made it heartfelt, dramatic, suspenseful and sizzling story.

I highly recommend this - if you like a romcom with a twist.

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