18 November 2013

Sundance Flick #1 - Wish You Were Here

As the film frenzy begins this chilly - and somewhat snowy/rainy - January, my two film friends (Jen, Cindi) and I headed to the legendary local venue, Tower Theater, to see "Wish You Were Here."

This Aussie flick begins with four friends having a good time on vacation in Cambodia. As they enjoy the culture, the four shop the street vendor's booths, eat local treats like fried snake, and relax on beach. The film cuts to two of the vacationers, Dave (Joel Edgerton) and Alice (Felicity Price) arriving back in Sydney, Australia and you discover that they are married with two kids and one on the way.

Slowly the film unravels secrets about what happened to change their fun, alcohol infused trip into a nightmare where one person didn't return and those who did make back home are now haunted by the last days in a foreign country.

"Wish You Were Here" gives gritty look at a married couple dealing with their relationship, kids and the aftermath of their Cambodia vacation. Co-screenwriter Felicity Price (also played Alice) and wife of the director, wrote the film's original treatment where the film looks at relationships and what happens when you add secrets into the mix.

Edgerton and xxx gave powerful and realistic performances which make you root for the couple to succeed as they work through marital problems. The steady release of facts and events unveil more about the missing friend and the couple's real struggles. Teresa Palmer ("I Am Number Four" and "Take Me Home Tonight") and Antony Starr also star in this movie.

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